Loren Berí’s forthcoming debut album is inhabited by madcap characters and intersecting storylines in an alternate version of Brooklyn. Set to synth-pop, a cast of artists in New York arrive, fall out with one another, meet their heroes, or become heroes themselves.

These twelve songs (plus four interludes) are lush, expansive psych-pop at its richest and most tantalizingly melodic, introducing a bold new voice in indie-pop and inviting listeners to explore the bigger picture not only on the album, but with life itself as well. The funky, spiky style of psych-pop greats of Montreal can be heard throughout, from the jingling bells of “Sequin Jacket” to the starry-eyed melodies of “Genesis 2.0.” Fittingly, the punchy anthem “Greta’s Inn” features NYC indie-pop vet and former of Montreal member Kishi Bashi and percussionist Mauro Refosco, as he transports the listener to a mystical club space, tying into Greta’s Inn’s larger projection that nothing may be as it seems. 

Loren Berí's songs are the culmination of Berí’s lifetime immersed in all things music. He was raised on classical music through his grandfather’s frequent involvement in concert planning; after teaching himself to play piano as a teenager, he started writing songs at the age of 15 and bounced around in several bands throughout college. While embracing a variety of musical styles ranging from bouncy synth music to ornate chamber pop, Berí kept his classical fixations front and center throughout: “Harmonically, that’s where my heart lies,” he explains.